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For over 25 years Sun-North has pioneered the design and manufacturing of Natural, Power and Dual ventilation systems.

Sun-North is very aware that ventilation is the second most critical factor in raising, profitably, all types of livestock and poultry.

Sun-North has developed, manufactured and installed state of the art ventilation for dairy, swine, poultry, horse, beef, sheep, goat, llama, rabbit and even parrots.

Sister Companies

Sun-North has two sister companies:

Envira-North Systems

Envira-North manufacturers & sells the leading HVLS fans on the market.

WindTrans is creating hydrokinetic energy and transfering mass amounts of water through a revolutionary new pump.

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Sun-North is the leading international manufacturer of Natural Ventilation Systems.

We have designed, manufactured and installed our systems under very diverse climate conditions - from dairy barns above the Arctic Circle to the arid conditions of the Middle East and the moderates of Russia, China, Australia and North America.

Sun-North has developed a wide range of ventilation systems to resolve the issues in our customer's particular eco-climate.

Sun-North is constantly designing, updating and producing our own power drives, electronic controls and thermostats.