Poultry Housing

Chicken - Poultry Housing

Poultry producers have used natural ventilation (open sided buildings) very profitably for decades. For over 25 years Sun-North has provided a variety of sidewall panels and ridge outlet for “all things feathered” from very large turkey grower barns to multi-deck cage layer barns, duck facilities and even parrot barns. Natural ventilation eliminates any concerns a grower might have from huge losses created by a power or stand by generator failure.

Turkey Grower

Turkey Barn

A naturally ventilated grower barns operate by opening up the sidewall from 1 m to 2 m. Sun-North can install a variety of panels or curtains over the opening that move up and down by electronic temperature controls to control incoming fresh air. The air becomes heated from the animals and rises, traveling across the barn and is exhausted through a ridge or chimney system.

Broiler Chickens

Broiler Barn

Broiler barns have several different designs from the two storey barn in the photo to single level barns and single level wide buildings. These barns are typically ventilated all naturally or on a dual principal which makes use of power assist fans for minimum ventilation. Sun-North manufactures a variety of sidewall panel, curtain and ridge chimneys along with fans and electronic controls to create a state of the art environment. The benefits are 50% savings in energy costs along with less equipment maintenance.

Broiler Breeders

Broiler Breeders

Poultry breeder barns for chickens or for turkeys become more difficult to operate since light control becomes important during part of the cycle. Sliding dark out natural panels can be used very effectively with the assistance of fans and controlled outlets and ridge. Sun-North has been involved with a number of projects over 25 years utilizing electronic controls to create a very healthy profitable environment with considerable savings in energy.

Cage Layer

Cage Layer Barn

Natural ventilation has been used very successfully in multi-tiered, multi-row cage layer barns throughout the world, from cold to warm climates. The greatest benefit is considerable savings in energy cost through the temperate seasons. Sun-North’s vertically moving side wall panels and ridge chimneys are the first line of ventilation with power fans and inlets for minimum ventilation. The entire system can be controlled by electronic controls and computer assist.



All species of poultry have unique problems or requirements. Ducks may have greater issues with moisture and wet litter. Sun-North’s has 25 years of experience dealing with different types of duck confinement. Sun-North controlled side wall panels orcurtains can create a fresh drying air across the animals along with ceiling circulating fans and chimney outlets to manage a duck facility profitably.