Swine Housing

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For over 30 years Sun-North has designed ventilation systems for swine facilities from northern Canada to Australia.


Swine Finishing Barn

A naturally ventilated finishing barn operates by opening up the sidewall from 1m to 2m and placing a panel over this opening that then moves up and down manually or automatically on tracks. The incoming fresh air is heated as it moves over the animals and is drawn out through the chimneys which are baffled to control the flow of exhaust air. Sun-North has been ventilating finishing barns from 12m wide to 30m wide for over 25 years.

Breeding & Gestation

Swine Breeding & Gestation Barn

Natural ventilation is the preferred choice of many breeding swine operator’s since it provides abundant natural light and is a much quieter working environment for animals and operators along with plenty of fresh air. The operator will decide on a total natural barn similar to a finishing barn but with windows in the sidewall panels or a dual ventilation system that incorporated power fans to assist during minimum ventilation situations. The system can be operated automatically by Sun-North’s Shepherd electronic controls with computer assist or manually.

Farrowing & Nursing

Swine Farrowing & Nursing Barn

Scandinavian countries have made great strides in using natural ventilation in farrow and nursery facilities and it is their number one choice. The reasons they prefer natural ventilation are lots of natural light, plenty of fresh air and less aggression because of less noise. Sun-North sliding wall panels with windows allows the fresh air in which becomes heated and then exhausted through ridge chimneys. Dual ventilation using power fans for minimum ventilation is a good option. The system can be automatically operated by Sun-North’s Shepherd electronic controls with computer assist or manually.